The Neighbor

The Neighbor
Also Known As "THE" Neighbor
First Appearance New York 10 - Saying Goodbye To Single Numbers
Most Recent Appearance New York 22

Seen In Episodes (Episodes - Series 8 - Season #10 - 2015) (From Films - New York 10 - Saying Goodbye To Single Numbers - New York 20 And New York 20 - Part #2)
Species Human - (I Think ?) - Male
Powers Unknown
The Neighbor Is The Neighbor Antagonist In The Nerd Series Within The Nerdniverse. He Was First Introduced In New York 10 - Saying Goodbye To Single Numbers - As A Neighbor To The Nerd. Whom Had A Grudge Against Him And Proceeded To Chase Him All The Way To New York (On Foot) And Try And Attempt Ruining The New York Trip For The Nerd. He Was Scared Off From "Coolio The Nerdio" - The Nerds Alternate Personality. He Wouldnt Appear Again Until New York 20 - In 2012 - Where He Would Attempt To Take Down The Nerd By Kidnapping Theme Song Guy And Trying To Use Him Against The Nerd. He Would Appear Again In The Nerd Series In Season #10 - Series #8 In 2015. Claiming "You're Gonna Die In The Nerd Series .. YOU'RE GONNA DIE !" To The Nerd While Running Away From Him. He Appeared In "You're The Nerd Now Part #2" - Where He Claimed "Im Gonna Get You Nerd ! Just Wait .. Im Gonna Get You Nerd !"