The Nerdniverse

"The Nerdniverse .. Its A Messed Up Place. The World Of The Nerd." - Series 4 Season #6.

The Nerdniverse - Or "The Nerd Universe" Is The Universe Where All Of The Nerd Series & The New York Trip Series Takes Place In.

It Is Known For Its Inconsistencies. Things Occur When They Shouldnt. It Is How The Nerdniverse Works. People Disappear And Reappear For No Reason With No Explanation Whatsoever. In Series #4 Season #6 The Nerd Is In A Car And Eating Vanilla Oreos. Suddenly One Vanilla Oreo Eats Itself. Then Another Does As Well. The Nerd Freaks Out And Calms Down After Taking A Sip Of Diet Coke From Burger King. Most Likely The Car Was Driving Itself.

Characters That Exist In The Nerdniverse

The Nerd - Main Character Of The Series

Theme Song Guy

Steak Sauce

This Is Golden Guy

Soysauce - ??? - Unknown

The Neighbor - Neighbor Antagonist - Wants The Nerd Dead For No Reason Whatsoever.

The Magical Hand

Charlie - The Nerds Friend